Desert Safari Options In Dubai


You can go on a thrilling ride with drivers who have a passion for the following packages. The desert safaris are very cool with a lot being offered provided that you verbalize your needs earlier. You can actually make bookings via email to the staff in case you want to go on a safari in the desert in Dubai. We have so many options you can choose from depending on the time you are available. We have options for morning, evening and other times. Everything is catered for including being picked and dropped from your hotel. You are also required to abide by the rules and regulations. The must do's are also there so feel free, not forgetting restrictions on things like age.


The packages include the morning desert safari option. The timing is eight thirty in the morning to eleven thirty meaning that the whole package is finished after two hours. This package includes activities like sand skiing, dune bashing. Apart from that, you enjoy quad biking if you are interested also camel ride. There is so much to enjoy with this options, make arrangements totty out. Another package is the arabian nights desert safari dubai. You have time in the evening you can actually make your booking in advance to secure your place. This option is popular and liked by many people. Takes place from four in the evening to ten o'clock in the evening. The activities in this package are dune bashing, BBQ dinner, entertained by belly dancers. To add on that we have sand skiing, shisha and sunset photography. The package has so much more so you can guess the extreme experience you can get from this selection.


Overnight desert safari is another option you can opt for. You stay overnight at camp while you enjoy belly dancing. happens from four in the evening to nine o'clock the next day. You enjoy what is actually done at camps. Check this website to know more!


 There is campfire so you can enjoy roasting unusual meals like pizza pockets etc. You may as well take up the dinner only package. Starts at exactly seven in the evening and ends at ten in the evening. Here a lot is offered, from henna paintings to shisha to sand ski. You can book to secure your place in the dinner the only category. As if that is not enough, we have group bookings as other options. Normally the staff requires groups of up to four hundred people. It would be more exciting if you voiced your requirements before you take up this package so as to cater for all. Happens from four in the evening and ends at ten in the evening. We have sand skiing, sunset photography among other activities of interest. Above are the options to select from, narrow them down to pick the one that goes well with your schedule. Know more facts at

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